Have you ever gone through a phase where it is hard to stay motivated? Whether it’s being healthy, chasing a dream or to get up early in the morning? After moving into our apartment I had a week that I was having a hard time staying motivated to eat healthy, work on my business and so forth. Let’s just say I was in a funk. The good thing is I have some tips on motivation. See for the most part I am a self motivated person. Here are some things I do to help keep me motivated, especially when I am not feeling it. Some of these I do daily.


  1. List five things you are thankful for. I did this for 30 days earlier this year and wow it was eye opening for me. See there were some days I could list so many things I was thankful for and other days I would struggle to find 5 things. But you know what I realized there are always things to be thankful for. How can that not be motivating? For example, say you are trying to eat healthy and work out daily, but you aren’t feeling motivated. You know what motivates me that I am healthy and I have the ability to work out. I am thankful I can work out. When you realize all that you have to be thankful for, it is motivation. True motivation if you ask me.
  2. Remember your why. This is huge to me. When I feel discouraged about my business, I remind myself why I switched my focus and that God is in control. Honestly there are days when I question myself. But remembering the why, that I did this for my family and myself. I wanted to have more freedom for when we have foster children. I also did this for me. I was burned out and wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. So remember your why to stay motivated.
  3. Hold yourself accountable and have an accountability partner. When I have a big goal that I know I will struggle with, I make sure to ask someone to hold me accountable. When they check in with me, I  don’t want to tell them I didn’t accomplish the goal. I also don’t want to let myself down. So many of us are afraid of letting others down, but don’t care if we let ourselves down. One thing I have learned in the past few years is that I was so quick to say yes to others, but not quick to say yes to myself. It is okay to say no to others, if you constantly say no to yourself. Taking care of yourself and being healthy is so important, that is motivation.
  4. Set goals, big or small. Small goals will lead to accomplishing bigger goals. For example you want to exercise five days a week. Start with setting your alarm and workout  for 10 minutes. The next day add a few more minutes. If you haven’t exercised in a long time going out and thinking you are gonna work out for an hour and you don’t, you will be discouraged. So start small and add on each time. Whenever I start something new I set small goals and big goals. So I have two big goals set for 2021, but in order to make those goals, I have set smaller goals. Which is motivating when I get them accomplished.
  5. Reward yourself. This is one of my favorite things that motivates me and I do this a lot. For example when I have set some goals for my business. When I accomplish them, I will be upgrading my camera. When I lose the weight I want to lose, I will be buying myself a new outfit, that isn’t workout clothes!!


Cheers 🥂