In the past year or so I have been pulled out of my comfort zone and other times I have chosen to step out of my comfort zone. You know what? I am totally okay with it. A little over a year ago, we did our first hiking trip and had a blast. Since then we have done 2 more hiking trips. One thing that has been consistent with all the trips, is being out of my comfort zone. I take this as an opportunity and see what I can learn from each one. 

While I love to travel, I am a big schedule and routine person. Seriously, I basically keep the same schedule almost every day, when it comes to life. I am a creature of habit. Jimmy and I usually don’t set a schedule or alarms on vacation, which is hard for me. But this is important to Jimmy, that we wake up and go with the flow. On this last vacation a couple of our days didn’t go as planned, but they ended up being awesome days. The funny thing is some days we were back in our hotel room and in our pj’s by 7pm. We went with the flow every day, the only schedule we had were flights. 

If you know me at all, you know I love working out. It is part of my daily routine, I get up and workout. Well when we are on vacation, I actually relax in the morning, instead of working out. Like I said I am a routine type of person. When we do a hiking trip, I am in charge of finding the trails. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. I do a lot of research on each hike. I look for certain things for our hikes. See I am afraid of heights, but with each hike and trail I am getting braver. This past vacation, we did two of the scariest hikes we have been on. One was a snow packed trail in Rocky Mountain National Park and the other was in the Grand Canyon. Both were scary for me for different reasons. Each hike was out of my comfort zone, I freaked out a few times. But I know I am braver and stronger than I think. Jimmy actually told me he was proud of me. Not for nothing I was proud of myself. It makes me want to continue to hike and challenge myself, but also challenge myself personally and professionally. 

One of the main things I learned on the hike in the Grand Canyon was to stop and pray. God was telling me He has my back and I just need to pray. Like just stop and pray. This has been such a blessing to me. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, but I will say I have been stopping and praying more often.

The one thing about being out of my comfort zone is that I am learning a lot of new things with my business. I have been reading a devotional and a book about goal setting, which both have been so insightful and helpful. I am looking at my life and my business in a different way. God has made this day and I will be making the most of the day that He has given me!! I have always been a goal type person, but learning new things about goal setting is so motivating.

My challenge for you is to step outside of your comfort zone!! It is okay to be scared and brave at the same time. I am telling you that you won’t regret it. God created you to do great things.  We are all created differently, but we are all created to be great and do great things. Wake up and say God use me today, allow me to shine and be great!! Can you imagine if we all did this, what a difference we could make? So get out there and step out of your comfort zone.


Love and Adventure,