I don’t know about you, but I live in workout clothes. I have been this way for a few years now, even before the pandemic hit. I was actually a little embarrassed by it. Like if I was meeting someone for lunch I would probably change and throw on some jeans. But I have learned to embrace it, because it is part of who I am. I wear workout clothes for the most part. They are so comfy. Since I am active and usually on my feet I need that. Plus for most days I try to walk or ride our bike in the afternoon. If I don’t wear workout clothes, then I have to change into them, which makes for more laundry and who wants that?  I see other food bloggers dressed up during a video or something, I think oh maybe I will get dressed up for a video or look more presentable. But that isn’t me or who I am. In fact when I do my branding photos I will be wearing workout clothes.


I am gonna tell you all about my favorite workout clothes. But first I have to tell you about the pictures for the blog. I got out my tripod and took the pictures myself, which I have done before. I almost pushed this blog back a few weeks to try to get in better shape, but I also know I have to be real and honest with you. I don’t love the way I look in these pictures. I haven’t been able to workout for almost 6 weeks. I have lost a lot of muscle in my body, it was discouraging to look at these pictures. However tomorrow I will be able to go back to full body workouts. I really can’t wait. I actually already have been thinking about my workout schedule for next week. Since my surgery I have only been walking. In fact we have been going on a lot of family walks. So I am not sure who is more excited about me going back to full workouts, me or Cashew.

Let’s talk about my favorite workout clothes. I pretty much only wear the same brands Athleta, Calia and Aerie. I do have a few tops from Amazon, but all my leggings, shorts and sports bras are from these three places.

Athleta has amazing leggings and joggers that feel like butter. I don’t know how else to explain it but they are so soft and smooth, it’s like wearing butter on my legs. I know a weird analogy, but it’s true. I have the leggings in different lengths and just bought my first pair of joggers from them. I have leggings from them that are a few years old and still in great shape. They also have the softest tees. I have one tee in four colors. Their cold weather gear is the best. It’s usually what I wear when we hike. When I find a top or leggings from Athleta I usually end up buying it in a couple colors. While I do wear clothes mostly for everyday, I do have some workout clothes from there I love like their capris.

Calia clothes are amazing for working out and have the best patterns. I personally think workout clothes need to be fun, because working out needs to be fun. Calia always has great patterns for leggings. They also have the best workout shorts. I have bought them the past three years and I probably have 6 shorts in solids and patterns. I always get compliments on them. A lot of my tanks come from here too. I love that they are longer than most places. In fact if I find one I like, I usually buy it in a few colors.

Aerie has great leggings too. I love that they are lighter and not super long. Their everyday tanks are my favorite. I love wearing them just to lounge around in. Their sports bra I like for lounging, like if I am really not doing anything. These are things I buy from them. I will say the last time I was there I only bought a tank and a couple of sports bras. All my leggings I have from them last year are still in great shape.

As far as sneakers go, that is a whole other topic. But these are my favorite sneakers for casual and walking.

So this is the beginning of a new workout journey for me. Now that I am fully recovered it is time to get back in shape. I am excited to be able to workout and take care of the body God gave me. I have learned a lot during the recovery body and taking care of myself.

So that is the dish 💕