So if you read part one and part two, you will know that I changed the focus of my business and we sold our house. You might be wondering why all these changes. 


Well in the beginning of 2020, I felt God calling me to do something else. I really had no idea what it was until November of that year. Jimmy has felt God calling us to do something too, but wasn’t quite sure what it was.


Well in November of 2020 while on vacation we realized what it was. God was calling us to become foster parents. In December we did an informational class and we knew this is what God wanted us to do. In the beginning of 2021 we started the process and were put on the list to start classes. However we got a call in March, a couple days before we were to leave for vacation asking if we could start class. Unfortunately we couldn’t start class because we would be on a plane during two of the classes and you can’t miss any classes. We knew God had a reason for us not getting into these classes. 


We were told we would be put on the list for the next class. What we didn’t know was that on our vacation we would decide to put our house on the market. If we had gotten into those classes, we might not have seen God’s plan for us selling our house. We knew selling our house and buying a 4 bedroom house was all part of God’s plan. Jimmy and I both come from big families and we want to be able to foster 2-4 siblings. We were really excited about the process and getting into the next classes. 


We sent our case worker an email a few days before our house went on the market. The day our house went live, we got a call from her saying that we would have to put fostering on hold until later in the Fall. I was devastated and started to question everything. Did we make a mistake by putting our house on the market? Surely we didn’t, because God was calling us to do all these things and there were a lot of moving pieces that kept falling into place. I knew I had to stop questioning God. I had to trust God’s plan even though it was hard, so I started packing up our house, putting stuff in storage and moving stuff to our apartment.


Our closing day came and about 90 minutes before we had to sign the papers to close on our house, I got a call from our case worker. She said they wanted us to continue the process and asked if we could start the training classes next week. I was like yes and started crying. I didn’t even call Jimmy to ask him, because I knew his answer would be yes too. There are many reasons why they let us continue the process now instead of waiting for the Fall. But honestly it’s a God thing. Lots of pieces to the puzzle had to be put together. On Monday of that week, we got the call about foster classes and we signed the papers to close on our house. The following week we got on the lot release with the lot we really wanted with the floor plan we really wanted. We also started foster classes. This past weekend we went under contract to build our dream home. See how God’s timing is always better than ours? I can’t imagine having to do classes, while packing and moving, all while running a business.


During this whole process Jimmy and I would say this is God’s plan or we truly believe this is all gonna work out. We can see God’s hand working in little ways and big ways. We also said there are a lot of moving pieces that only God can make work. 


So over a year ago, we didn’t know why God was calling me to change the focus of my business or what He was calling us to do. While we are excited to be on this journey, we know it won’t always be easy. We know God is preparing us for the future. 


I have heard this saying that sometimes during the wait God has a funny way of making us wait. 


Fostering Hope 💕