So on a walk recently I was listening to a podcast and they said something that hit home with me. It was about finding joy. It got me thinking about all the things I do and can find joy in. Even when it is tough, there are things that I can find joy in. First of all I believe true joy comes from Jesus. When my relationship with Jesus is on track I have joy and can find joy in so many things. Some days things go as planned or some days they don’t, but you know what I can find joy no matter what happens.


In the past few weeks I have been focusing on inspiring others. I realized that with the changes in my business and life I want to be able to inspire others and I want joy to flow from me. I want to be that person that brings a smile to the room, not bring the room down. Have you ever met someone who just complains about everything. It can be so draining to be around those people. I really don’t want to be that person that drains people, instead I want to be that person that helps and inspires others. This really is one of my life’s goals.


Here are some of my favorite things that I love to do and really makes me happy. I love to spend time with Jimmy. We always have so much fun together and always laugh. Whether we are on a date, vacation or sitting on the couch watching tv, we always have the best time. I am forever grateful for my marriage and Jimmy. He’s seriously the best hubby out there. Of course hanging with Cashew is a given. I mean if you know Cashew, you know she’s the cutest and the best puppy. She makes me laugh and always makes me smile. I love working out. It can be riding our bike, doing strength training or going for a walk. Walking is one thing that I try to do daily, I love being outside. I love to talk and listen to God. First of all, walking always brings me clarity and joy. I am so thankful that I get to walk, there are people that can’t walk. I love being in the kitchen, either cooking or baking. I love being creative and playing recipes. Being in the kitchen is my happy place. 


 I am thankful to a God who loves me, when I think about this joy overwhelms me. I wake up every day and I have a reminder on my phone that says I am a strong, joyful disciplined woman. I also have a reminder that says today is the day the Lord has made. How can I serve God and make today great? These reminders and my devotions set the tone for my day, which is so important to me. Starting the day with a positive vibe and choosing joy is so important.


So my question to you is what do you find joy in? What things bring you joy? 


Love, Joy and Sprinkles 💕