I know not everyone loves to be in the kitchen. Some people love to just cook, some just love to bake and some of you just don’t enjoy being in the kitchen. There are days I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and some days I just don’t feel like cooking or baking. What I have learned are the days I don’t want to get into the kitchen, is usually because I had a bad day creating recipes or I am super busy. Some people don’t like being in the kitchen because they feel like they struggle in the kitchen.

Guess what? There are days I struggle in the kitchen. Just the other day I was making strawberry pretzel pie for a recipe. I didn’t want to use jello like most recipes call for, I wanted something different. The strawberry topping came out exactly how I wanted it to be. However the cream cheese was a total fail. I thought why not add some white chocolate to the cream cheese filling? Well the flavor was too sweet and don’t even get me started about the texture. So I went back to the drawing board with this recipe and you know what the pie did come out amazing after a fail or two.


Food bloggers like me probably struggle in the kitchen more than you think. Not every day goes how we planned or some days take longer than others. Our kitchen might look clean for videos and pictures, but I can tell you mine is always a mess when I cooking or baking. I am constantly cleaning my kitchen. It can be a struggle to keep a kitchen clean. 


So my question to you is what struggles do you have in the kitchen? How can I help you? I want you to feel inspired to either cook or bake, but know it is okay if you struggle. If you have children young or grown up, I want you to make memories with them in the kitchen. One thing Jimmy remembers is his mom teaching him to make spaghetti. To this day he still talks about it and makes spaghetti for me. So I am here to help you!! Ask me any questions you have!!


So Cheers to the Struggles! 🥂

Billie 💕