This week is all about my Fall Favorites. Fall was my mom’s favorite season and I have so many great memories from the Fall season with my mom. We were about all things apple. So in honor of my mom I’m sharing recipes that are inspired from my mom and memories I have of her. I can’t wait to share Fall traditions from my kitchen to your kitchen.


I can’t tell you how many times we went to an apple festival.  They had crafts and food.  This is where my love for apple cider comes from. We would always get some fresh hot apple cider donuts. Man are they good. I can’t tell you how many times I went there with my mom. Even when I didn’t live at home, I would meet up with her and we would go. I remember the mill and the wheel thing (calling it a thing because of no idea what it is call). This is one of my favorite things and best memories i had with my mom.  





















I remember apple picking as I got older and until my adult years. I love to go apple picking. But I will say it has to be sweater weather for me to go apple picking. I want to look the Fall part for apple picking. You know a sweater, jeans and boots, I know you understand me. When I moved to North Carolina I asked where I could go apple picking. You know what I was told? Go to the State Farmers Market. I was like really. Well apparently there is no apple orchards by us, unless you want to drive a couple hours. 





















When I was in high school I played field hockey in the Fall. Because we went to a Christian School, we didn’t have sports on Wednesdays. So every Fall my mom would keep me home from school on a Wednesday and we would drive to Princeton to go shopping. Princeton has a beautiful town. We would walk around and shop. The leaves were always falling and the temperature was Fall like weather. It was just beautiful and fun. We always ate at the same place and got onion soup. When I used to live there, that restaurant was always hard for me to go to. I can remember sitting there with my mom  for lunch.  


My mom always made apple sauce for us. I added a touch of brown sugar to it. My mom always added cinnamon sticks to her apple sauce. So yes I am adding them to mine. This is an easy recipe to make and one your kids will love. 





















I have an Apple upside down cake recipe this week. While my mom didn’t make it, I know she made some type of apple cake. I know if she were alive today. She would love this recipe. This is definitely a Rita inspired recipe.


To finish the week off and what I am now calling Friday’s…Fix A Drink Friday. My Maple Bourbon Apple Cider is headed your way. This drink will be a go to drink for the Fall and Winter season. 


I would love to hear about your favorite Fall Traditions. Drop me a comment!!!

Happy Fall 💕