I used to love roller coasters as a kid, like I couldn’t wait to go on all the big rides. We had season passes to Great Adventure (Six Flags for the non NJ people) and we went so many times. I wasn’t afraid of any roller coasters. Now I hate roller coasters and I have a fear of heights. Funny how that has changed so much. Right now I feel like our life is one big roller coaster with fostering to adopt. Jimmy said to me this weekend, I can’t believe how much I love these kids. We haven’t even known them for three months, but the love and bond we have with them is so strong.


We had the kids for the weekend, it was a great weekend with them. Even though we had to give a few timeouts. We wanted them to see what life would be like on a normal weekend when they move here. We talked about chores and what each one of them would like to do for chores. One of them thinks washing my car would be a good chore. We didn’t even turn the TV on. Instead of a family movie night, we sat outside and listened to music around the fire pit. They really liked that. We are getting them to like country music and they are all picking some favorite songs out. So we are going to make a playlist for them. They also like when either Jimmy or I are the DJ and pick the music out. We love teaching them new things and working on school work, while actually not doing homework. We try really hard to incorporate learning into things like making cookies, setting the table or planting flowers. They seem to really enjoy learning this way and we feel it’s a great way for them to learn.

While it was a great weekend with the kids, it was an emotional weekend with them. I almost broke down crying with the youngest, when she was telling me how she doesn’t want to be apart from me and she can’t tell anyone that. I told her that I don’t like being apart from her either, but we have to be strong. So we prayed that night she would be strong. I also prayed that she would be able to talk to someone about how she is feeling. Jimmy almost broke down crying, when the oldest started crying in church. She asked if God was punishing her for her family. She opened up to him a lot and they talked through some stuff. But we have been praying for some peace for her and that she knows she is loved. When Jimmy told me the conversation, my heart just broke for her. The middle child was clingy to me this weekend. He would call one of us and go I love you Mr. Jim or Ms. Billie. I love hearing those words from the kids. We try to tell them as often as possible that we love them and make positive comments. We aren’t sure how many positive comments they have had in their lives. 


This weekend while they seemed to have struggled with some things, we felt like they have grown in many areas since we have known them. We have seen such huge improvements. We are excited to see where they grow, what their interests are and other things. 

It is always hard to drive them back to their FM and say goodbye. I just want to cry, I don’t want to be apart from them. I know they have a hard time saying goodbye too. This week’s goodbyes were different. There was some clinging, not wanting to let go. There was sadness from the kids. They didn’t want to leave and were sad when we had to go back. I can’t wait for these days to be over, I think it will be easier on everyone and not as confusing. 


Please keep praying for us. Pray the process speeds up, only God can make that happen.

Pray for the kids. Pray we find some great doctors out here for them.


That’s the Dish from my Kitchen to your Kitchen 💕