Halloween is just two weeks away and I wanted to share with you some of my memories from childhood. First I will say I have never been a huge Halloween fan and we didn’t really decorate for Halloween or do much trick or treating as a kid. In fact in High School, I usually had a field hockey game. So if I did go trick or treating, I was a field hockey player. I know so original. To this day I don’t really celebrate Halloween. In the past 5 or so years,  I am usually decorated for Christmas by Halloween or in the process of decorating for Christmas. 

Did you know that Halloween Eve in NJ is called Mischief Night? I never went out on it, but I definitely saw the after math of it. Basically it is people egging other people’s houses or toilet paper their house and trees. Have you heard of Mischief Night?

What I do remember about Halloween is what my mom made us. She made Halloweenie donuts. Unfortunately none of us have this recipe in my family. I know we loved them and I always think about those donuts around Halloween. This is one of the reasons I was determined to make apple cider donuts. They are the closest thing to those donuts my mom made. So around Halloween, I make them in donut holes.

For dinner we always had fish sticks and Kraft Mac and Cheese. Well since I don’t eat Kraft Mac and Cheese anymore. Stay tuned for what I am doing for a take on my childhood Halloween meal. 

Usually Jimmy is working so it is such me and princess Cashew. This year we will be watching Christmas Hallmark Movies and chilling with some bubbly. We do leave candy out some years. It is a good thing Cashew is deaf, because the doorbell/knocking would drive her crazy.

That’s the Dish from my Kitchen to your Kitchen 💕