Let’s Talk About Decluttering

Let’s talk about decluttering…


Do you think decluttering is all about getting rid of stuff and or becoming a minimalist? If you say yes, that is okay. I thought that too. Until I learned differently. Decluttering is so much more than getting rid of stuff. It isn’t about becoming a minimalist. It is about finding what works for you and your family. 


Before kids I really never felt like I had a lot of stuff. That quickly changed after the kids moved in. I went from a house pretty organized and always cleaned to feeling like I was constantly picking things and cleaning. If you have seen the movie Instant Family, that was us. We had a lot of people give us clothes, toys and other stuff for the kids. It was great because we didn’t know what the kids would like or wouldn’t like, what they actually would bring with them. We would buy them stuff, more stuff would be given to us. It was a cycle.

Quickly our house was full of stuff. All of a sudden, our home was driving me crazy. I didn’t feel like I could go anywhere in our house without feeling overwhelmed. I didn’t realize what a toll this was taking on me and our family. I lived this way for about a year, before I started slowly making changes. I would spend a little bit of time going through things, barely making a dent. Some days I would go on a rampage and just get rid of stuff. Not really thinking about it. Both ways backfired on me.


I had to figure out a better way and a way that worked for our family. A way that let me breathe while having a little chaos. A place that was homely while meeting everyone’s needs. 

God put me on this journey last year, knowing he had a plan for me this year to share it with you. 

I have shared a quick overview of JJ’s and Isabella’s room and how we decluttered and organized their rooms. 

Remember get rid of the things that don’t serve you, so you can craft the life you want.




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