So much has happened in the past year or so and it got me thinking about life. Am I living my life to the fullest? Am I living my life from my heart? Am I being the best version of myself? While I know a lot of people didn’t love 2020, I can say it was a great year for me and the hubs. 


However fast forward to 2021 and so much in our lives has changed and all for the good. In the past month plus I have been in a growing stage. Going through foster classes has taught me a lot and made me look at things differently. Through this I have been working on my heart and my soul. I have been focusing on my relationship with God more than ever. He has given me this life and I want to make sure I am living life to the fullest and being the best version of myself. What this means to me is that I live my life from my heart. If my heart is aligned with God, I will be living my best life. I ask God to prepare my heart for the foster kids he will be giving us. I want to be the person God wants me to be so I can be the best version of myself for Jimmy and these kids.

So each day I want to make sure I am living from my heart and living the life God wants me to live. I know not everyday will be easy, but I also know I have to try. God has me on this earth for a reason and as I figure out what exactly that means, I need to try to be positive and live in love and joy.

Are you living from your heart or just going with the flow? I challenge you live from the heart and live life to the fullest.


Live and Love 💕