I had recently had a conversation with another blogger on Instagram about self care and how important it is. In 2019, I learned a lot about self care and that I really wasn’t taking care of myself. Fast forward to now, I have done a much better job of taking care of myself. It is actually one of the biggest things I learned in 2020. After being burned out from 2019, I knew I had to make changes. So I thought I would share some of the things that I do.


First I start my day with spending time with God. Depending what is going on in my life will depend on what devotional I will do. I usually do a devotional to help me grow spiritually and also help me grow as a business owner. I also end my day with a devotional with JImmy and I do another one by myself. This morning and evening time definitely helps me to start and end my day on the right note. I love my quiet time with God, It is my favorite time of day.


You probably know that I am a huge fan of working out. One thing I do now is I schedule my workouts. I used to do CG and I stopped that at the beginning of covid. People ask me if I miss it and the answer is no. I did it for about 4 years in a row and it just got old. Plus by the time I drove there and worked out it was like 90 minutes and I would walk almost everyday. Now that I workout at home I am saving time. I am constantly switching up my routine. Some days I do strength training and cardio. Other days I just run or ride the bike. I do plan my week for workouts. I look at the weather, because that is a huge factor for me. Each month I set goals for myself. That includes steps, miles walked and now miles ran. So I have to be able to make sure I get them in. I also have to work around the hub’s schedule. Working out at home and being consistent in our workouts has been a priority for Jimmy and I, that in our new house we will have a workout room. We want to be examples for the kids and show them working out is a good thing and important. 


One thing I do is schedule massages every 4-6 weeks. I really need that time to decompress, get the knots out of my back and shoulders. It helps to speed up post injury healing. Along with helping with range of motion. It helps to relieve tension and stress. Did you know it can help with your sleep and give your immune system a boost. I could keep going on about how massages are good for you, but I am sure you get the picture..


A few other things I love to do is take walks. I usually spend this time praying and listening to podcasts. Some walks are about being still, some are about talking to God and others are about learning. I also love to take a bath. I don’t take them every day, but I try a few times a week. I need that time to relax and decompress. Some weeks I am really good with this and other weeks not so much.


The biggest thing is to schedule it and make an appointment with yourself. See if you make an appointment or a date with someone, most likely you won’t cancel it. So why do we cancel on ourselves? I have learned that in order to be the best version of myself for others, I need to take care of myself to be the best version of myself.


Love 💕