Motherhood is hard…But worth it

Is motherhood supposed to be hard? Have you ever asked yourself that question or ask someone else that question? I have been thinking a lot about that question lately. The last month has been a hard month being a mom, I mean a really hard month. I have gone to bed so many nights questioning myself and thinking I am a total failure. I’ve cried so many tears. Oh but those lessons we learned in hard times. These lessons have been so valuable to me and have helped me grow as a person, mom and wife. These are the lessons that usually stick with me. 

Yes, motherhood is hard. I mean how can it not be? We questioned ourselves and how can we not? But God has called many of us to be mothers. And each one of us had a different journey. I mean I started my journey at 48, do you know how many people tell me I am crazy? But Jimmy and I knew God was calling us. When God calls us, we really need to listen. We get frustrated when our kids aren’t listening or doing what they want. Does this sound similar to our relationship to God…not listening or doing what we want. As moms we are here to guide our children and bring them up to love Jesus. If we think this first, it really can make a huge difference. I am trying to keep that in the forefront of my mind.

I think one of the most valuable things I learned is accepting motherhood to be hard. Do you know why? God has entrusted me to raise these kids that have baggage and trauma. This requires a lot of work. Just because it is hard, doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. Hard things can be some of the best things in life. Being a mom is one of the best things in my life. God didn’t design for me to do motherhood alone, it is designed to be done with Him. Just like he designed motherhood to be done with you. He is there to help me and you. He is my strength when I need it. He is your strength too. Trust me I have needed his strength so many days recently. The more I rely on this truth, the better off I am. 


One thing that I feel I am constantly learning is kids watch everything, they learn so many things from us. Am I teaching them to love Jesus? Or I am saying one thing, but then turning around and yelling? I realized I was saying things I wasn’t proud of and that my tone said a lot. I used to have a manager that worked for me, that could tell by my facial expressions how I felt. So boy am I learning to watch my tone, my yelling and my facial expressions. The more I yelled, the more we noticed JJ yelling and raising his voice. Our kids are looking at every part of our lives. Am I showing God’s love in everything I do and say? Little moments can be huge opportunities for us to share God’s love. Like seeing a rainbow, is a way I can tell them about God’s promises. Every day I am given the chance to show God’s love in driving them to school or cooking them dinner. I had to really stop and think, am I missing those little moments that can make a huge difference in their lives? Am I missing that moment, that moment that is a true connection. I am talking about a connection that leads to a deeper connection, one full of trust. If I am constantly going and running myself ragged, my kids see that and see what my priorities are. Kids see who and what we truly value. I hope and pray that they see God as my priority and my love for Jimmy and them. 


So yes motherhood is hard, but oh so worth it. Remember hard things are worth it. Remember you’ve got this and God has you!!

Please let me know how I can pray for you!

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