I was scrolling Instagram the other day and a post caught my attention. It said motherhood is hard…isn’t that the truth. You know what? It is okay to admit that  it is hard especially being a foster mom. Starting motherhood in my late 40’s has definitely had its challenges. These kids, I don’t know all their trauma and what is gonna trigger them. We are always learning something new about these kids and what triggers them. I know I have had some really hard days and I bet you have too. Those hard days take a lot out of me emotionally and sometimes it drains me physically. On those super hard days, I try really hard to take a few minutes to myself. I know if I don’t it will make things worse and the kids aren’t going to see the best side of me. Sometimes I sit on my back porch or in my chair in my office.I take a few minutes to breathe and talk to God. Yes I tell my kids I need a few minutes. I am honest with them and tell them I need a few minutes so I can be the best mom for you. Honesty is so important to our kids and to us. Tell your kids you are putting yourself in a timeout.

Then some days are just the best!! You know the days that everyone eats without complaining, school is great, no bad reports, they play well together and I get lots of hugs and kisses, instead of sass. These are the days I think I’ve got this thing of motherhood down. I celebrate those days. In fact we all need to celebrate those days. Celebrating them will look different for each one of us. It might be a glass of wine, or a nice hot bath or a chance to have a conversation with your hubby or a friend. Maybe you want to watch a Netflix show or tv. No matter what, celebrate those days. In fact, celebrate the hard days too. Why shouldn’t we celebrate the hard days? We survived them and we learned from them.


I get the good days and bad days. We have both in our house. I wish I had it all together and could say all days are good days. But that wouldn’t be the truth. It is like a roller coaster we go up and down and up and down and up and down. I am learning to take it a day at a time. Because no matter what kind of day it is, I have to show up for my kids. Why do I need to show up? Because God has called me to be their mom and He has called me into motherhood. So even though it is hard sometimes, well a lot of time, I am learning to lean on God so much more. I can’t do this without him.Trust me I understand how hard it can be to show up some days. However, seeing the growth in these kids has been amazing. They are growing up so fast. 

So momma you’ve got this on the good and hard days!! I am here for you and cheering you on!! Let’s connect on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/billiejos.kitchen/ or email me at billiejoskitchen@gmail.com 


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