A few months ago I was driving down this road and saw they were building some new developments and thought wow this road was would be closer if Jimmy got promoted to North Raleigh. See I really like the town we live in and I don’t really want to move out of it. I kind of kept this development in the back of head. I really didn’t think we would decide to move before Jimmy got promoted. But see God works in funny ways. After living here for three years, our house was finally painted and completely decorated.I really love my house. My sister even joked that Jimmy would come home one day from work and there would be a for sale sign. I said no, but it really got me thinking and praying. I started talking to God about this and said if this is what you want please open all the doors and our hearts. I mentioned this to Jimmy, he was like okay and really didn’t say anything. I let a couple weeks past and said something about it again. Like I really feel like God wants us to move, he said really? He said let’s discuss on our trips when we are hiking.

On March 4 we left for vacation comes and we started talking about moving on our layover. I messaged our realtor and was asking her questions regarding builders. Jimmy and I know that we would want to build again or have a move in ready house for us. With this market and what we want, we decided a new build was best for us. So the whole vacation we kept talking and praying about moving. We kept looking at other developments, but we kept coming back to this one specific development. See when we built this house, we thought we would be here for years, but like I said God’s timing is always best and sometimes funny. While we were away, we decided to set up a meeting with our realtor after we got back from vacation. We met with Erica and decided to put our house on the market. Jimmy’s first day off after vacation, we took Cashew for a ride and drove around and looked at all these developments. While there are many great developments out there, we kept coming back to the one I found. While we don’t have a lot yet, we know God’s timing is everything. With selling, renting and buying, there are a lot of moving parts and we totally trust God and that he will work everything out.

Do we know where we will be in two months? No! The important thing we have learned is to trust God and his timing because it is always best. We are so excited about this journey God has on. Stay tuned for my tips from a homeowner on moving, renting and selling.

Make today a great day!!


PS-One tip I have if you are selling a house besides having a great agent, is fresh flowers to really make the potential buyers feel welcome!!