So it has been almost four weeks since my hysterectomy.  I have to tell you that I frustrated that my move and exercise streak would be broken on my Apple watch. I was on a 238 streak of beating my goal. In fact in the past year I had only missed 3 days. See everyday I work hard at beating my move and exercise goal. I was going for a year without missing a goal.

Going into surgery I wasn’t really scared, I knew God was going to protect me. I wasn’t upset about having a scar or that the scar was bigger than they originally thought it would be. When the Dr. told me my uterus was bigger than a large Clorox wipe can, I got why the scar is bigger. See fibroids aren’t something to mess around with. I had one grow from 3” to the size of a large grapefruit in a matter of two months, So I am thankful I went with the surgery because I am feeling so much better. In the past year they were growing then started growing aggressively. 


I had a whole game plan for my recovery. Things I was going to do for my business, but I didn’t do anything for the first 10 days except rest, watched a lot of tv and did some puzzles. I actually didn’t even turn my laptop on to say 11. Then I only did 2-3 hours a day. It actually took me to get up the motivation to work again. Which I wasn’t expecting at all. I thought I would jump right back into working. Week 3 I did start working more. It was over 3 weeks before I actually baked. I was rusty, my first recipe failed.

So while my recovery has been good, I did have struggles. One of my biggest struggles has been not being able to workout like I love to. I am able to walk and I have been grateful for that. But can I tell you when I first started walking and my pace was a 28 minute mile, I was so frustrated. I am still not at my 15/2 minute mile or walking 6 miles a day, but I am closer than I was 3 weeks ago. I am learning about baby steps and actually resting. I have taken a few naps here and there in the past two weeks, which isn’t me. But I also know I need to listen to my body. God is teaching me that. There are times I say to Jimmy I just need to lay down. Sometimes it is only 5 minutes, other days it might be 20 minutes.


Another struggle has been a lot of alone time and the emotions.  Some days were really hard for me. I wasn’t prepared for that at all. I was more prepared for not being able to do daily things. But the emotional and loneliness part, not so much. When those days happened, I knew I could text or call Jimmy. He was actually really good about checking in on me, which I was thankful for. I also would just be still and listen to God. I know God had some things he wanted to teach me. It was hard for me to sit around and not do anything. Once I was able to walk, that helped a lot, because I would go on a walk. I am an active person. Now that I am back working baking, cooking and food photography, it has been so much better. 


I am ahead of my recovery schedule. I think it has to do with me really focusing on my health leading up to it. I did a lot of core strength moves and workouts that engage my core. I was in good shape and was eating pretty healthy leading up to it. 

I am so thankful my mother in law came down to help me and keep me company. Jimmy was a great support. Well Cashew was recovering too and she was all about her grandma being down here. These three made recovery so much better.

Now that I am getting really into a groove it is good. I feel great for the most part, just can’t wait to be able to workout and lift weights, basically just go back to my normal life. I am setting workout goals each day and trying to add a little more about 5 days a week. 

So here’s to four more weeks of recovery. 

Love 💕