If you have known me for a while, you know that I love Trader Joe’s. It really is my favorite grocery store to shop at. I’m always getting asked what I get at Trader Joe’s. So here are my top finds from TJ’s.

My favorite items from there to bake with are unsalted butter, cage free brown eggs, almond flour, vanilla extract, baking powder and baking soda. I have been using their butter for years for my business. I love the way it bakes, browns and frosts. It really is the best out there and for the price you can’t beat it. Their eggs are the best out there, that aren’t from a local farmer. I prefer the cage free, but honestly they all are great. Their bourbon vanilla extract is my favorite that isn’t homemade. I am obsessed with their almond flour lately, it is reasonably priced and is my favorite to bake with.

Their fruits and vegetables organic/non organic are usually spot on and last a while. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to the grocery store buying fruits and vegetables and them only lasting a day or two. Usually the fruits and vegetables from Trader Joe’s last 5ish days, if not longer.

From their freezer section my favorite thing is the organic brown rice and the Acai. I usually buy these two things every time I am there. I also love their gnocchi. For sides and appetizers, I get their mozzarella sticks and sweet potato fries. Their freezer meals are good too. I will grab a few if life is crazy or we are coming back from vacation and Jimmy needs to take a meal to work.


They have so many great items for your panty. I am obsessed with the everything bagel seasoning, seriously I use it on so many things. Their chili lime seasoning I use in most of my taco recipes. I actually get a lot of my spices from here. The box mac and cheese shells are actually really good. It’s perfect when you are craving comfort food, but don’t feel like making mac and cheese. I love to keep a few boxes on hand, because you never know when you need them. I use their organic basil marinara sauce and San Marzano tomatoes for my spaghetti sauce. The price for them is actually less than the grocery store. Olive oils and vinegars are also great finds there. Their oatmeal is gluten free and my favorite. I love to use it with baking or just make oatmeal with. They have great nut mixes too. I always buy individual packs one. We always take them on vacations with us and I will pack them in Jimmy’s lunch. I also get Cashew’s dog food from TJ’s too, she always get excited when she gets a new bag.


From the refrigerator/cooler section my favorites are almond milk, greek yogurt, mango orange juice, pizza crust and cheese. Something about their almond milk that I just like better, it is less expensive than most grocery stores but that isn’t the reason it is my favorite. I love the vanilla flavor, it actually tastes like vanilla. If you know me at all, you know I am not a fan of milk. The mango orange juice is my favorite, especially paired with champagne 🥂. I have tried all their pizza crusts, which are garlic herb, plain and whole wheat. I love them all. They now have pizza sauce and cheese packets right next to the crust. It makes an easy and delicious pizza. 

To end with, they have a great selection of wines and beer there. If you don’t know about their 3 buck chuck you should check that out. It is wine in case you don’t know. They have a selection of wine for $3. Which is great for baking, cooking or making mix drinks.

Tell me your favorite finds from Trader Joe’s, in case I am missing something.

Happy Shopping, Cooking and Baking 💕