It’s finally here…well part 1. I know I have been saying there are things going and announcements I will be making. Well I honestly didn’t think I would be doing three different blogs in a week to tell you all about them. After part three, all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together and you will understand the why behind some things.


First things first. At the beginning of 2020, I decided not to open a store front and switch the focus of my business. I wasn’t quite sure what that focus would be, but I knew God was calling me to do something different. During the summer of 2020, I started sharing recipes and I was enjoying doing that. Actually my love for baking came back. I was still doing a lot of custom orders, because honestly I was afraid to totally make the switch. I didn’t know exactly what all I wanted to do and what God was calling me to do, so I played it safe.


In the beginning of September I took a free photography class and I was hooked. I ordered a camera and started taking pictures.I even signed up for an online class. I wanted to be good at this before I launched a business. At the same time I was trying to balance this with doing custom orders, but I could feel the burnout creeping back in. So I made a decision for the rest of 2020, I would really limit custom orders and I did.


 At the beginning of 2021, I announced that I would not be taking any more orders because I changed my business. I started to implement changes to my business. At the beginning of March I was ready to jump head first and learn all I could about food photography and working with brands. As you might know that during our vacation in the beginning of March, we decided to put our house on the market. So that put everything with my business on hold. I didn’t know where we would be moving, plus we had to pack. I had to decide what was going to the new home, what went in storage and what we didn’t need. I know you understand what I am talking about. Right after we put our house on the market, I decided to take a different food photography course. It was a game changer for me in so many ways. I learned so much more about photography and running this type of business. So as I packed up a house, I was taking a course in photography and practicing food styling and photography almost daily. It actually helped me a lot. I had to stay focused, learn to shoot in different lights and time of the day. Plus I signed up with a mentor to help me and hold me accountable.I was struggling with some things. I knew if I wanted to launch a business I needed help and accountability. 


Well we moved into our temporary house. So I had to make sure I could do this business here, it is so different in so many ways. I have a small space dedicated for food photography, not a whole room like I had before. I was used to taking pictures with a lot of natural light. So I had to learn all over again by taking pictures in different scenarios, find the best time of day.  That is why I am so glad I signed up to take the photography class with


What does this mean? Well as of today I am officially announcing my food photography business and I am accepting new clients. I have different packages to offer food photography, recipe creating and brand partnerships. 


Cheers 💕🥂



PS-Update coming this weekend!!