• Encouragement From The Kitchen

    In the past few weeks I have really been focusing on encouraging Jimmy and the kids. I think daily encouragement can be a game changer for anyone, including myself. It isn’t always easy to encourage others when things aren’t going the way you hope they go. This was very true […]

  • A Shift In Our Household

    One day last week when I was in the kitchen cleaning up after the kids went to bed I started thinking about how there has been a shift in our home recently. I am happy there has been a shift in our house, I feel like it has been a […]

  • What Is Productive For Moms?

    How many times have you thought at the end of the day, I wish I was more productive? I pretty much think that a lot, especially the past few weeks. Like I am wondering where the month of February went? I didn’t get done what I wanted to and some […]

  • The Old Us, The New Us

    Jimmy and I had our first date night since the end of last April. We had a rule that we were allowed to talk about the kids. I was actually scared that dinner would be silent, because we weren’t talking about the kids. Instead it felt like the old us, […]

  • It’s Gonna Be Okay

    It’s been a long week and the week isn’t even over yet. I half joke with Jimmy and the kids, it’s not your day to be mad at me. It seems like everyday one of the kids wakes up mad at me. I learned months ago, when the kids are […]

  • Hugs and Kisses Go A Long Way

    In the past few weeks I have learned so much about being a parent, especially our kids who we adopted. There are days that I am so sad for my kids for all that they have been through. We think there are so many memories that have been suppressed and […]

  • Becoming A Family Of Six

    At the beginning of 2022, I would not have guessed how much life would change and we would officially be a family of six. We met the kids early January and in 11 ½ months we were able to officially adopt them. In the world of fostering to adopt this […]

  • 25 Activities to do With Your Children this Christmas

    This is our first year with the kids and we are so excited to make this Christmas extra special for them. So I decided to come up with 25 fun things to do with them to countdown to Christmas. Some of the items are super simple and some are a […]

  • 6 Tips for Baking with Kids

    Ever since I was a kid, I remember being in the kitchen and loving it. The kitchen is where some of the greatest memories I have of my mom are. I remember learning to bake and cook at a young age. I even emptied the dishwasher when I was like […]

  • Traveling With Kiddos

    With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I would share some of my favorite travel tips with you, especially traveling with kiddos. Recently we took the kiddos on their first real vacation and for Lele and Isabella it was their first flight. They all did great on the […]

  • Birthday Celebrations

    We are kicking off my birthday with some new recipes, some new and old traditions. The past few years or so we went away for my birthday, just Jimmy and I. Some of my birthday vacations have been cruises, Vegas, Arizona and Colorado. However this is my first birthday with […]

  • Fighting for Joy

    The past couple weeks have been a little rough if I am being honest. I finally had a day to myself to do what I wanted to do and do things I needed to do. Jimmy was at school and kids were in a track out camp. I was so […]