I would say for the majority of this year, I have been praying for a community. Being an entrepreneur can be really lonely. I can’t tell you how many times I really wish I had someone to bounce ideas off of or wanted someone to say you’ve got this. I love that Jimmy encourages me, but he really doesn’t understand social media, video or taking pictures. He has learned a few things and can be really creative with recipes. But he works full time and has a demanding job. 


I was starting to get really frustrated with God, especially as I was recovering from surgery. I was home a lot by myself and was having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I realized God had given me the community I was asking for and praying for. I had some amazing ladies encourage me and check in with me. Asking what they can do to help. It just looked different than what I thought it would be. I really thought my community would be right in my area. Instead my community is in NJ, California, Texas and Pennsylvania. There are ladies from each of the states that I talk to on a regular basis. They have become friends. They are there for encouragement with my business even though their business is different from mine.

We are all on different journeys, yet we are all on a similar journey. We are entrepreneurs and trying to grow a business. I love sharing information from these ladies, whether it is a post or sharing their profile with someone else. We all learn from each other and how much they have are part of my community. I am thankful that God has brought each of these ladies into my life.


So if you are looking for a community, just remember it might be different than you imagine. If you are looking for someone to encourage you, help you grow your business or need someone to bounce ideas off, let me know. I love encouraging women and helping you to achieve your goals. 

So that’s the DISH from me to you 💕