It has been a few frustrating months with the house.This week we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our inspector had some major concerns with the framing. However our project manager was all over the list to get things done and done right. We believe he is on our side and wants us to have the house of dreams. Some of our other concerns with windows and sheetrock are not a concern anymore. Our windows were installed this week and our sheetrock was delivered and probably will be hung in the next two weeks.


Now we have to either pick a different color brick or a different color scheme for the outside. Our brick that goes with the color we picked out is no longer available. So stay tuned for what we decide. There are some questions and factors we are considering before we decide what we do. 

Through this process we are constantly being reminded that God is in control. We have to continue to trust him and his timing. I was really upset when I found out that we wouldn’t close by December 15. Like devastated to where I said to Jimmy that we are going away for Christmas. I don’t want to spend Christmas in our apartment. So we actually were booking a vacation. However we decided that we want to stay home and go over to our new house. We can spend time on Christmas Day in our new house and that is really the best present. Once we have the closing date confirmed we will start to schedule deliveries and painting. 

Our hope is to have a very small celebration in our new house!!

From my Future Kitchen to your Kitchen 💕