To me Fall means harvesting and changing. Change is inevitable. However it also means a season of thankfulness


As I think about this, I can’t help but think how God has worked in my life these past couple weeks. I have cried a lot of tears. I am talking tears of sadness, tears of frustration, tears of anger and tears of happiness. I feel closer to Jimmy than I have since the kids moved in with us. I feel like we got a spark back in our marriage. Really don’t we all want a little spark in our marriages? We are working on keeping the spark alive. We are finding ways each week to have a little date time. We are talking more about life, dreams and what I really want my business to look like (stay tuned for that). Most importantly we are talking about what God’s purpose is for our lives and about God. We are growing, we are praying, we are dreaming, we are setting goals. 

This all reminds me of the Parable that Jesus told in Matthew 13:3-9 and Mark 4:3-9 about the farmer sowing seeds. Some seeds fell, that birds ate. Some seeds fell on hard and rocky ground, because of little soil, they died shortly after they sprouted up. Some seeds fell among thorns and they got choked and died. Some seed fell on good soil and it produced a lot. Jimmy and I are here right now, planting seeds right now. If we waste this time of change and planting seeds that God has given us, we won’t grow and produce a lot. We won’t be teaching our kids how to grow during hard times and how to have courage and faith. That’s part of our purpose to teach our kids. 

So as Jimmy and I embrace the harvest and changes, we are thankful for all He has done and this season of life. I know God is going to take care of us and bless our lives. If we weren’t in this season of Fall, we wouldn’t be as close as we are and moving forward with our lives. Are we truly living out God’s purpose and doing what He created us to do? I really have thought about that a lot lately, am I being the person God created me to be? I asked Jimmy that question too and we both said we weren’t being the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes things happen that make us look at things different. We need to be thankful for these moments. 

Love from my Kitchen