The Old Us, The New Us

Jimmy and I had our first date night since the end of last April. We had a rule that we were allowed to talk about the kids. I was actually scared that dinner would be silent, because we weren’t talking about the kids. Instead it felt like the old us, talking about our vacation coming up, talking about past vacations, songs on the radio, his work and we talked about us. 


I was stressed going into this date. It has been a long week with JJ having the stomach bug. Isabella is going through something that we can’t figure out. An hour before our sitters were to be at our house, I was at the doctor’s office with Isabella and leaving with no answers. It was a day I cried many tears. Nothing we are doing seems to be working. Part of me didn’t feel like showering and getting dressed to go on a date, I wanted to crawl into bed. The other part of me wanted to go on a date and get dressed up and spend time with Jimmy. I knew we needed to go on a date. I knew we were desperate for alone time and I knew our kids were in good hands. I also knew Isabella would be okay. So I put away my fears and went on that date. You know what? It was the best thing I could have done for myself and my marriage. 


While our lives are very different now compared to two years ago, even 10 years ago. We used to go on dates all the time or hang out with friends or a late night drink date. Now we show love to each other in different ways. Some days it is me packing his lunch for him. Some days it’s him calling me on his way home from dropping the kids off at school saying I’m going to get gas in your car for you. I still see parts of us from our early marriage. Jimmy still opens the car door for me. He still grabs my hand to hold. He still sneaks a kiss when he can or gives me a hug just because. While we might not do all the big things we used to do to show love to each other, we do a lot more little things to show our love to each other and our kids get to see that.

So look for ways to spend a few extra minutes with your spouse. One new thing we started was having breakfast 1-2 times a week after the kids go to school. It gives a few extra minutes together and alone, besides Cashew barking. 


I’m never gonna stop dating Jimmy. I love our life and I want our kids to always see a good marriage. Here are to many more days of celebrating our love. I am already looking forward to our next date. 

Love in the Kitchen ????



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