Jimmy and I just finished one chapter of our lives and are getting ready to start a new chapter. Yesterday Jimmy and I were talking about what we are excited about and nervous about? See this whole move thing has been all about trusting God and having Him show us the plan he has for us. So what we are the most excited about is the unknown. We know we have signed a lease for an apartment for 7 months, but after that we don’t know where we will be living. So while the unknown can be scary and frustrating for a planner like me, we have decided to embrace the unknown and make the best of it. I know not everyday of the unknown will be easy, 

I really can’t wait to see what the future holds and how it will all play out. 


The day we signed the papers to close on our house, we got an exciting phone call.This is something that we thought would be put on hold until 2022, but now it isn’t. I can’t say what this is about yet, but I will soon. 


The other thing I am really excited about is launching my food photography business next month. I was hoping to launch this month, but with moving this has been put on hold. I have learned so much these past few months about food styling, food photography and recipe creating. I really can’t wait to start this side of the business full time. What this also means that I will not be booking any more weddings and taking very few custom orders. I know this disappoints you, but I am hoping that you will create your own memories baking and cooking. This is one of the best things about my childhood.


Love 💕