Clutter or Declutter is the Question


Let’s talk about how kids are so different.    If you remember I said kids are like waffles and spaghetti. All kids are different, which I know you know. Isabella is the opposite of JJ. She is like a plate of spaghetti opposite of JJ being a waffle. He thrives

Clutter or Declutter is the Question2024-02-02T11:23:58-05:00

Kids and Chaos


We are a couple weeks into a New Year. What are some things you are set out to do differently this year? I am gonna share with you what I am doing differently and why over the next few weeks. Some of the things I actually started doing in the

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5 Things You Can Do This Week For Christmas


Christmas is 1 month and 15 days away, can you believe that? Thanksgiving is 13 days away. Are you feeling stressed? Are you feeling overwhelmed? It’s okay, I am here to help you and let you know we’ve got this. Well do these 5 things this week to help reduce

5 Things You Can Do This Week For Christmas2023-11-09T21:38:13-05:00

Are We Going With The Flow?


I am the type of person that loves to have plans or have my days planned out. I plan my days from morning to night, however I do not jam pack my days. Most of my days are usually full from 9ish to 2pm. I like to take advantage of

Are We Going With The Flow?2023-10-30T20:13:15-04:00

Let’s Gather Around The Table


Are you stressing about Easter brunch or dinner? Are you worried that your house is a mess? Are you comparing yourself to other people on Instagram? Don’t do any of those things. If we think about it, Jesus talks a lot about hospitality in the Bible. In fact throughout the

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