Life Begins at 50


Happy Birthday to Me!! I can’t believe I am 50?!?! Like I am not that old, there is no way. Like I’m in complete shock I’m turning 50. I don’t feel 50 at all. If I am honest, turning 50 is easier for me than turning 40. Turning 40 was

Life Begins at 502023-11-07T11:02:35-05:00

Can We Stop Worrying?


I was having a conversation with Jimmy today and it really spoke to me. He said he was worried about me, our family and some other things. It made me think, can we stop worrying?  I think it is hard to stop, but I think we can. What can we

Can We Stop Worrying?2023-10-30T20:14:38-04:00

Letting Go and Trusting God


I am so happy that August has come and gone. It was a super tough month for Jimmy and I. We had to put Cashew down midway through the month and that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Watching the pain in the eyes

Letting Go and Trusting God2023-10-30T20:22:22-04:00

Motherhood is hard…But worth it


Is motherhood supposed to be hard? Have you ever asked yourself that question or ask someone else that question? I have been thinking a lot about that question lately. The last month has been a hard month being a mom, I mean a really hard month. I have gone to

Motherhood is hard…But worth it2023-10-30T20:24:27-04:00

Encouragement From The Kitchen


In the past few weeks I have really been focusing on encouraging Jimmy and the kids. I think daily encouragement can be a game changer for anyone, including myself. It isn’t always easy to encourage others when things aren’t going the way you hope they go. This was very true

Encouragement From The Kitchen2023-10-30T20:35:13-04:00