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Hey there!! I’m Billie, a recipe creator, food photographer, girl that just loves to be in the kitchen and a travel lover.

Can We Stop Worrying?


I was having a conversation with Jimmy today and it really spoke to me. He said he was worried about me, our family and some other things. It made me think, can we stop worrying?  I think it is hard to stop, but I think we can. What can we

Can We Stop Worrying?2023-09-23T18:06:42-04:00

The Fall Harvest


 To me Fall means harvesting and changing. Change is inevitable. However it also means a season of thankfulness.    As I think about this, I can’t help but think how God has worked in my life these past couple weeks. I have cried a lot of tears. I am talking

The Fall Harvest2023-09-14T12:55:07-04:00

Letting Go and Trusting God


I am so happy that August has come and gone. It was a super tough month for Jimmy and I. We had to put Cashew down midway through the month and that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Watching the pain in the eyes

Letting Go and Trusting God2023-09-12T11:15:55-04:00