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Hey there!! I’m Billie, a recipe creator, food photographer, girl that just loves to be in the kitchen and a travel lover.

Always Date Your Spouse


Our goal at the beginning of this year was to go on more dates. As parents that is not always easy, but it is necessary. Those dates are important to keep you connected as a married couple. With Jimmy’s schedule we do a date day or a lunch date a

Always Date Your Spouse2024-02-02T10:04:30-05:00

Let’s Talk About Decluttering


Let’s talk about decluttering…   Do you think decluttering is all about getting rid of stuff and or becoming a minimalist? If you say yes, that is okay. I thought that too. Until I learned differently. Decluttering is so much more than getting rid of stuff. It isn’t about becoming

Let’s Talk About Decluttering2024-02-01T10:49:26-05:00

Clutter or Declutter is the Question


Let’s talk about how kids are so different.    If you remember I said kids are like waffles and spaghetti. All kids are different, which I know you know. Isabella is the opposite of JJ. She is like a plate of spaghetti opposite of JJ being a waffle. He thrives

Clutter or Declutter is the Question2024-02-02T11:23:58-05:00

The Path to Forgiveness


So I have a question for you…one I want you to really think about. How are you doing? I mean how are you really doing? Are you afraid to be really honest answering that question? Afraid people might judge you? Afraid to admit the truth?   I get it!! I

The Path to Forgiveness2024-02-02T11:24:01-05:00

Kids and Chaos


We are a couple weeks into a New Year. What are some things you are set out to do differently this year? I am gonna share with you what I am doing differently and why over the next few weeks. Some of the things I actually started doing in the

Kids and Chaos2024-01-10T12:02:16-05:00

The Journey Out Of Chaos


Happy New Year! Are you excited for 2024? I always love the beginning of new things, even if they are scary. Like when you get a new pair of shoes or jeans, it always makes your feel special. I mean sometimes doing something scary can be one of the most

The Journey Out Of Chaos2024-02-02T11:24:05-05:00